Fresh. New. Start


This is the start of something new.  Something fresh.  I have left behind my blogger site to launch a new, improved blog.

My plan, you ask?  To start 2012 as if I have never eaten out, as if all (ok, maybe not ALL) restaurants have a “clean” slate.  My plan, while simple, should challenge me to cleanse my head, my palette, and my opinions.  I will make efforts to write daily about the foods that I sample, the places I visit, the places I WANT to visit, and the adventures along the way.  No missed opportunities here.  The journey should teach me something, right?  To look at things in a new light, to give something a second chance, to dedicate time to something other than work, and most importantly, to learn more about myself along the way.

Sharing is caring, or so I learned when I was six.  Little.  Bits.  of.  (KC)sunshine!